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Conveyancing Costs

The conveyancing process is not always easy to understand and with all of the other things that you have to think about when moving house it can sometimes seem somewhat overwhelming. Here at Gregory Abrams Davidson Solicitors, our conveyancing lawyers we hope to help you cope with everything that moving house can bring.

With a team that spans the country, Gregory Abrams Davidson Solicitors offers a fast, effective and economical service, and will help you to manage the process with complete transparency overall costs, including stamp duty and Land Registry fees.

There are two elements to the costs of buying and selling a property the fees we charge for doing the work and the payments we have to make in order to carry out the transaction for you.

Our fees, and the payments we make on your behalf, will depend upon the value of the property, the nature of the transaction and where the property is located. We will always make sure that you are fully aware of all of the charges that apply.

We will always try and make sure that your property transaction takes no longer than is absolutely necessary. However, the length of time may be dependent upon factors outside of your or our control.

The average process takes between 8-12 weeks. Sometimes, if it is a simple transaction without a long chain of related transactions then it might be quicker. however, if there are lots of parties involved and a long chain of transactions, it might take longer.

For example, if you are a first-time buyer, purchasing a new build property with a mortgage that has been agreed, it could take 8-10 weeks. However, if you are buying and selling a property and those to whom you are selling have not had a mortgage approved or those from whom your buying have problems with their related transaction then it can take considerably longer. This may also be reflected in the price that we need to charge – especially if substantial negotiations are involved.

We will always make sure that you are kept fully up-to-date with the likely time-scale.

The base costs for our conveyancing services are listed below. They are dependent upon where the property is located. Your transaction will be handled from the office that is most appropriate for the service provided, based upon your location and that of the property in question.


Cost of Property


Range of Standard Legal Fees


From: To: From: To:
£0 £250,000 £695 £1,000
£251,000 £499,999 £750 £1,150
£500,000 £749,999 £1,000 £1,400
£750,000 £999,999 £1,150 £1,650
£1,000,000 £1,249,999 £1,400 £1,800
£1,250,000 £1,499,999 £1,700 £2,100
£1,500,000 £1,999,999 £1,950 £2,350



Cost of Property


Range of Standard Legal Fees


From: To: From: To:
£0 £250,000 £700 £1,050
£251,000 £499,999 £850 £1,200
£500,000 £749,999 £1,000 £1,450
£750,000 £999,999 £1,150 £1,700
£1,000,000 £1,249,999 £1,400 £1,900
£1,250,000 £1,499,999 £1,700 £2,200
£1,500,000 £1,999,999 £1,950 £2,450

*Leasehold house only. If the property is a flat/apartment there will be an additional charge of a minimum of £275 + VAT.


Amount of Loan


Range of Standard Legal Fees


From: To: From: To:
£0 £250,000 £650 £850
£251,000 £499,999 £750 £950
£500,000 £749,999 £850 £1,050
£750,000 £999,999 £1,000 £1,150
£1,000,000 plus   £1,150 £1,450


Range of Standard Legal Fees
From: To:
£625 £950



ADDITIONAL CHARGES (Subject to V.A.T at 20%)

Charge Costs(excl V.A.T)

Charge Costs(excl V.A.T)
Preparation and submission of Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) Return £100.00
Gifted Deposits £85.00
Indemnity Policy where there is a title defect (per policy) £75.00
Additional titles that need to be considered in addition to the one being purchased (per title) £95.00
Help to Buy ISA Bonus £50.00
Help to Buy/Shared Ownership Purchases £250.00
Bank TT £40.00
New Build £250.00
First Registration £175.00



Costs Examples

To give you an example of the costs and disbursements that might be incurred in a transaction, please see the following examples:

Please note that these are only examples and will not necessarily reflect the precise costs in any matter.

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