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Ian Free

Consultant Solicitor, Property

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West Kirby, Wirral

I specialise in Commercial & Residential Property Matters, being predominantly Sales, Purchases and Leases.

I also have experience in Wills & Probate.

Niche Areas

I have specific interest in the sale and purchase of Post Office businesses due to my Family business, operated by my Brother, who markets Post Offices and manages Commercial Properties.


I started in 1978 so I am probably renowned for still being here.

From 1994 to date I managed my own practice which gave me a more rounded and business approach to the workload.

Problem you can solve for clients because of your professional skills

Most of my clients just want somebody who will get on with it and make matters complete satisfactorily. Historically, all of my clients have had my home number from the outset and being available and accessible has been the key to what I do.

Most successful case

I suppose helping to start a successful restaurant chain by getting them out of a draconian franchise agreement, then setting up the leases for a chain of properties until they sold out for squillions!


  • BA Hons (Law) Solicitor


  • Law Society of England & Wales

Charitable Activities

I used to help out by running the Junior section for my local cricket club after I packed in playing. We ended up with over a hundred junior members which took a fair bit of organising.


Born in Liverpool in 1956 and a former pupil of King David High School and Caldy Grange Grammar School. I am married to Ros and have one son, George. I'm a keen cricketer and golfer and past Captain of both Caldy Cricket Club (1986-1989) and Caldy Golf Club (2010) Current President of Caldy Cricket Club. I have played the piano since I was about 5 years old and I still enjoy learning new stuff. I used to play in a semi-pro band for over 40 years but just play to annoy the neighbours these days.

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