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Conveyancing Disbursements

The disbursements we charge in connection with conveyancing transactions.

In addition to the charges that we make for carrying out the sale and purchase of your property, we also need to make a number of payments on your behalf. These are known as disbursements are for things such as official copies of your title documents, searches, Land Registry fees and Stamp Duty Land Tax. The cost of the disbursements will depend upon the location of the property and the nature of the transaction.

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Office Copies of the Property Title £6.00
Office Copies of any additional documentation filed against the Title £3.00 per document



Property Searches – these range from £108.00 to £500.00 for a search pack.  The actual cost will depend upon the location of the property, the number of specific searches required and the requirements of any lender.  

£108.00 – £500.00

Title Search £3.00 per Title
Bankruptcy Search / Land Charges Search £2.00 per name
Land Registry Fees – range from £20.00 to £910.00, and will depend upon the value of the property and whether or not it is already registered, is a new build or forms part of an existing registered Title  

£20.00 – £910.00

Stamp Duty Land Tax – this is calculated by reference to the value of the property.  There are certain reliefs available, subject to qualification  



Leasehold Purchase

In addition to the above Purchase Disbursements, a Leasehold transaction will attract additional disbursements, as follows:-

  • The Lease will usually prescribe that, on completion, formal Notice of the acquisition (and any mortgage) be notified in writing to the Freeholder, with a registration fee usually being prescribed by the Lease. On some occasions, the Lease will refer to a “reasonable fee”, rather than specify an amount.
  • In the case of a Leasehold Flat (and also a Leasehold House where there are common amenity areas subject to a service charge) there will be additional disbursements payable:

1. Notice Fees – as above. There may also sometimes be an obligation to serve Notice on the Management Company, with a separate fee

2. Deed of Covenant – if the Lease requires this, this is sometimes at the expense of the Seller, but on occasions, it may be at the expense of the Buyer. This fee can vary from approximately £75.00 to £300.00 or more.

3. Share Certificate – if a share is being obtained in a Management Company there will usually be an administration charge for the issue of a new certificate.