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IT, Cyber Security and Data Protection

Cyber Security and Data legal services, ranging from best practice advice to incident response

Instantaneous connectivity to the digital world is the hallmark of modern life.

The ‘cyber’ domain which constantly improves our everyday lives also puts at risk those very elements which it is there to enhance.

It is responsible for countless transgressions of law and order including theft of personal identifying information, intellectual property rights and financial data.

Every person and business relies on the integrity of cyberspace and the infrastructure, systems and data that underpin it.

A cyber-attack can impact a business through financial loss, legal consequences and reputational damage.

If you need advice on how to approach and implement IT, Cyber Security and Data Protection procedures for your business, call our commercial lawyers  today on 0151 236 5000 or complete our online contact form for more information.

The loss or theft of data can expose companies to the risk of action by regulators and stakeholders. As a result, new regulations in the EU known as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) will become effective on 25 May 2018 for collecting, recording and storing personal data and processing activities, breach notifications, penalties on violations and more. Fines of up to 4% of a company’s global revenue will be issued to serious infringers.

All businesses and business owners - both in the UK, EU and beyond (where companies collect data of “EU” citizens, regardless of their physical presence) - should be aware as to their obligations both before and after GDPR becomes law.

Gregory Abrams Davidson Solicitors are one of the leading UK solicitors’ firms offering dedicated IT, Cyber Security and Data Protection services.

Our Cyber Security department offers professional Cyber and Data legal-focused services, ranging from best practice advice to incident response.

Our Cyber Security legal team understands the law and the way it is applied and enforced by regulators decision making bodies and consists of experts in the corporate, communications and technology sectors, who are on hand to guide clients through the complex emerging laws and guidance.

Compliance and management advice

In order to address the reputational, legal and financial impact that cyber security and data risk incidents can have, we offer tailored compliance advice on managing cyber risk including pre-breach services such as training, best practice policies, procedures and precedents, as well as information from our team of specialist on emerging regulations surrounding data management.

Incident response

Our Cyber Security Incident Response team are on hand to provide immediate advisory services and coordinate a managed response plan for your business where there is a Cyber Security or Data breach.

To create the one of the most effective preparation and response services to Cyber Security on the market, we have gathered a team of highly regarded, trusted Technical Experts including ex-Hackers, Penetration Testers, Crisis Communications and Insurance specialists, all of whom are on hand to assist our clients in what is often a complicated situation requiring an immediate solution.

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Have you or your business been affected by a cybersecurity or data breach?

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