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Equality and Diversity at Gregory Abrams Davidson

We survey our staff periodically in relation to equality and diversity. We also are under an obligation to report out survey findings to the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) at their request (usually between every 1-2 years). The SRA collate all diversity data from law firms and publish their findings on their website. The results from the last survey in 2019 can be found here.

The SRA require all law firms to pub lish the results of their survey. As a firm, this assists Gregory Abrams Davidson Solicitors to treat all our clients, staff and contacts in an equal and fair manner and we encourage our staff to take part, although it is not compulsory.

The results from our 2021 survey are below in percentage format of those who participated.

Participants and their roles in the firm 2021

RolePercentage of Participants
Directors and Managers 14
Other Solicitors 22
Other Fee Earning Staff (not solicitors) 14
Support Staff 47
Prefer not to say 3


GenderPercentage of Participants
Male 33
Female 64
Prefer not to say 3


Age RangePercentage of Participants
16-24 22
25-34 20
34-44 22
45-54 20
55-64 11
65+ 5


Staff were asked about the type of school they attended between the ages of 11-16

Type of SchoolPercentage of Participants
UK State School 94
UK Independent or fee - paying School 3
Attended School outside of the UK 3

Staff were then asked whether either of their parents attended university by the time the staff member was 18 years of age

Education LevelPercentage of Participants
No – neither parents 75
Yes, one or both parents 19
Don’t know 6

Ethnic Group

EthnicityPercentage of Participants
British or Irish 83
Other 14
Prefer not to say 3


Staff were asked if they considered themselves to have a disability as defined in the Equality Act 2010. If they answered “yes” then they were asked a further question regarding limitations in their day to day activities

Disability or NotPercentage of Participants
Yes 6
No 91
Prefer not to say 3
If ‘Yes”Percentage of Participants
Limited a Little 33
Not Limited 67


Staff were asked if they were a primary carer for a child or children under the age of 18.

DependentsPercentage of Participants
Yes 42
No 58

Staff were also asked if they looked after or cared for someone with long term physical or mental ill health caused by disability or age (not in a paid capacity) and if so for how long each week.

DependentsPercentage of Participants
No 83
Yes - 1-19 hours per week 8
Yes - 20-49 hours per week 3
Yes - 50+ hours per week 3
Prefer not to say 3
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