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Pressure Sore Claims Solicitors in Liverpool & North West London

The clinical and medical negligence team at Gregory Abrams Davidson Solicitors specialise in claims for compensation arising from the development of pressure sores sustained in hospital, nursing homes and whilst under the care of District Nurses and Carers at home, including those resulting in sepsis and death.

Our specialist team of medical negligence solicitors and litigation executives have many years of experience in dealing with the difficult medical and legal issues associated with claims for compensation arising out of the development of pressure sores.

In most cases, pressure sores are preventable and increasingly, they are caused as a direct result of medical negligence stemming from a failure to provide sufficient nursing or medical care.

Pressure sores, also known as pressure ulcers or bed sores, are caused by the death of soft tissue in the skin and muscle.  They usually develop around bony prominences such as the hip or heel and they are generally believed to begin at the level of the bone and work towards the skin. They occur due to lengthy immobility, placing pressure on an area of skin.

Pressure sores are a painful, debilitating and potentially life threatening condition.

There are several factors that increase the risk of developing pressure sores. These include:

  • Mobility problems
  • Poor nutrition
  • An underlying health condition (that disrupts blood supply or makes the skin more vulnerable to damage)
  • Urinary incontinence and/or bowel incontinence
  • Age – the elderly at a higher risk

Examples failures in care include;

  • A failure to carry out a proper risk assessment
  • A failure to reposition (two hours is the accepted maximum interval that tissue can tolerate pressure without damage)
  • A failure to adequately treat the pressure sore
  • A failure to provide an appropriate bed

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