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Fixed Fee Business Law Services For Start-Ups and SMEs

June 2020 saw a huge rise in the number of small businesses formed in the wake of the so-called ‘Covid economy’ as Brits put on their entrepreneurial hats and adapted their skills to create their own small businesses from home. According to, Britain saw a 400% rise in disinfecting services, a 317% increase in retail of medical goods and there was also a 110% increase in new internet retail businesses.

We have been astounded by the amount of enquiries we have received for legal services for the small business market and with our smaller sized clients in mind, we have designed a range of products which, when combined with our expert legal services, will help and potentially add value to our client offering and our clients’ businesses.

Put simply, we now offer a range of fixed fee legal contracts for businesses, all prepared with diligence and care by qualified solicitors.

These are not simply downloadable legal templates, they are professionally prepared and finished products.

After a period of consultation among our team and with our clients, we are offering our “value-based, fixed fee” legal products and the accompanying services at prices which work for clients – they are not tied to hourly charge-out rates.

All of the listed contracts come with a guarantee of client satisfaction; That after the initial document preparation, you will review the draft and we will then finalise, tying up any loose ends in line with your final instructions.

To hear what our clients have to say about our commercial team, click here.

Complete Price Transparency – Business Law Services

Clients will have complete peace of mind that payment will be agreed in advance, making it easier to budget. To see our pricing structures click here.

How does our Fixed Fee Business Legal Service work?

There are Eight Simple Steps:

  • You – Choose your fixed fee product.
  • You – Provide full details (we will tell you what we need from you in terms of information and client identification).
  • We – Open a file.
  • You – Agree to the client engagement and our standard terms of business.
  • We – Prepare the contract.
  • You – Approve or Amend.
  • We – Finalise.
  • You – Use the finished article in your business.

Unless we agree on anything in addition to the Fixed Fee Contracts, or unless there are any expenses paid by our firm on your behalf, you will be charged the fee that you see, plus VAT.

You can reach Jonathan Abrams, Head of Business Services and an experienced UK Solicitor and USA Attorney (New York) by calling +44 (0) 20 8004 7016 or emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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