Accident in the Workplace

Gregory Abrams Davidson’s Personal Injury team has a wealth of experience in helping clients to pursue claims for injuries sustained whilst at work.


At work, your employer is primarily responsible for your safety, whether you are full time, part-time or temporary staff.

If you sustain an injury in the workplace or you are the victim of mental or physical bullying (including intimidation, harassment or assault) whilst at work, then you may be entitled to compensation.

At Gregory Abrams Davidson, we have a wealth of knowledge of the statutory regulations and employer obligations and over 25 years of experience in pursuing cases for compensation relating to breaches of employers’ duties to employees, causing accidents at work which include:

  • Employees’ operation of defective or dangerous machinery
  • Slips or trips in the workplace
  • Injuries involving lifting or manual handling
  • Injuries sustained in the construction industry
  • Injuries resulting from a failure by the employer to carry out a proper risk assessment
  • Exposure to harmful or dangerous substances
  • Employees injured in violent attacks by patients, colleagues or customers

For advice about your claim, please contact our specialist team who are ready to help or simply start your accident claim by filling in our accident claim form.

PLEASE NOTE: Should you have any job security concerns when considering making a claim against your employer, please do not let such considerations hold you back. We are experienced in handling delicate matters such as these and should you require, we will endeavour to discuss the matter with our preferred employment law solicitors, who will be able to advise on such issues.

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