Our Entertainment solicitors can advise you on legal matters in the world of entertainment.


Our Entertainment solicitors advise on:

  • All book, newspaper, magazine and online publishing agreements
  • Advertisement clearance, compliance with advertising codes and complaints to media regulatory bodies
  • Drafting and negotiating many music-related contracts, including management, agency, recording, publishing, distribution, merchandising, performing, licensing agreements and disputes, royalty audits and chain of title investigations
  • Film and TV production matters for UK-based film and TV production companies, ranging from acquiring rights and producing programmes and documentaries to merchandising and distribution agreements
  • Information Technology & E-Commerce

Our I.T. solicitors are immersed in the technology sector. They have both a deep understanding of the technical and legal aspects of the sector. Gregory Abrams Davidson can offer clear and practical advice upon:

  • Interactive and new media
  • Drafting software licences
  • Drafting and negotiating outsourcing agreements
  • Advising on software licence and ownership issues Software licences
  • Source code deposit agreements
  • Software and licensing disputes 
  • Our I.T. expertise covers e-Commerce and we are experienced in drafting website terms and conditions, and advising on the legal, practical and commercial issues of managing a website. Our expertise includes:
  • Website T’s and C’s
  • Privacy policies
  • Website user agreements
  • Website design agreements
  • Website hosting agreements
  • Website linking agreements
  • Domain Name acquisitions / assignments
  • Internet and e-business disputes
  • Cyber squatting
  • Domain name disputes
  • Online defamation claims and reputation protection
  • Data protection and privacy issues
  • Advising on consumer rights in e-commerce transactions
  • Advising on the unauthorised use or copying of text, images and trade marks
  • Advising on defamatory statements in blogs, internet chat rooms and discussion forums

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