Hazel Bacon

Hazel Bacon Head of Family Law at Gregory Abrams Davidson LLP

Each year in England and Wales there’s more than 100,000 marriages that end in divorce. Each client is different, but mostly they are upset and frightened about what the future may hold for them and their children. This can be an emotional time for everyone. We recognise that clients need to manage their own feelings as well as supporting their children. The first thing we do is listen.
Maintain a working relationship with your ex-partner if possible, it makes progress smoother and faster generally.
Sadly the situation is often more difficult where domestic abuse, controlling behaviour, drugs or alcohol are involved. We have experience in these areas and can offer helpful guidance and support.
If there are children involved, the practicalities of how they can manage their lives between two homes will need to be worked out.
Their financial position and the resulting security is always very important to clients. This is why we have a team of experts at hand to provide advice and guidance.

No two relationship breakdowns are the same. Clients will almost certainly want guidance or advice upon some, if not all, of the following issues-

  • the legal process of splitting up.
  • how to parent apart
  • sorting out their money and their home
  • child maintenance
  • domestic abuse

There’s a range of options available when separating. Clients choose the process that works best for them.

Understanding your options and where to get support, is key. The first hour’s consultation is at a reduced cost.

There's not with our guidance! Although many people do not realise the impact a separation or divorce may have upon their will, not just the position with their ex-partner but also the extended family including clients’ parents and in-laws.

I recognise that there’s lots of solicitors who offer advice on family law. How do you know which one to use? Sound legal knowledge, commitment, and professionalism are mainstays for me. I also believe that I’m dependable, cheerful, determined, effective, and most of all plain speaking and a great listener.
You’re right. The Family team’s work is varied and not just separation – our work also covers many family related matters including: cohabitation disputes, matters concerning children, matrimonial litigation, domestic violence, money problems, prenuptial agreements and family business disputes.
I’ve been doing this job for 27 years and no day is ever the same. I’ve helped thousands of clients and have a good track record of success and client satisfaction. Outside of work, I’m also a parent and understand the challenges of wanting the best for my children.
Divorce law in England and Wales is complicated and costly in some cases. Removing the apportionment of blame and having a no fault system for divorce would be one way of improving the situation. Allowing spouses to divorce without having to accuse each other of unreasonable behaviour or adultery, or having to wait until they have been apart for 2 years before they can start the process. The reason for the marriage breakdown is usually irrelevant to the real issues that need to be addressed. People need to be encouraged to look forward to future arrangements, rather than concentrating on what has gone wrong in the past.

Whatever suits the potential client, either Email (directly to me), personal visit or phone call – Here’s my contact information-
Hazel Bacon- hbacon@gadllp.co.uk,
Telephone 0151 236 5000

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